General ESOP Presentation​

Explaining how employee ownership schemes function to your own employees can be difficult. To make it easier we can offer to your teams a 2hr presentation where we will cover all the key aspects of employee ownership. 

€500 excl. VAT

ESOP Design Presentation​

Once you have design your ESOP scheme, taking the time to have your employees understand all key aspects is critical. In that sense, we can prepare a specific presentation with all information you provide and have a tailor-made intervention in your offices for all employees.

€1000 excl. VAT

Communication Material

Reading and visual material is very important for your employees to grasp how they will benefit from an ESOP policy. We can help you by creating documents that will allow your employees to easily understand all key aspects of your ESOP policy.

€500 excl. VAT

Education is at the heart of Ekwity’s mission.

If you are given a tool but you are not well trained to use it, what is it good for? That's why we offer different training services to offer support to your in-house teams to understand everything about employee equity.

Standard Presentation​

Explaining what is employee equity and how it works to your teams.

Design Presentation

Presenting and laying out how your ESOP policy will be implemented in your company. 

Communication material

Creation of communication material that will allow your employees understand your ESOP policy.


For a tailor made solution or a combination of services,

please contact our team.

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