Why should you implement

employee ownership in a startup?

4 Key Reasons

1. Recruitment

Help to recruit the best profiles, with vision and ambition, in a highly competitive market.

2. Alignment

Align employee and key contributors to the same objective: the overall sustainable success of the company.

3. Engagement

Build a common story through an entrepreneurial project based on a long-term vision.

4. Reward

Redistribute the value created with the actors of its success and reward the risk taken.


Why should you work with Ekwity ?

Sharing value is complex

We provide tools to master and explain the mechanism between HR, finance, legal and taxation.

ESOPs are a strategic tool for startups: to attract and retain the best talent.

There are a multitude of stakeholders to manage: lawyers, accountants, auditors, shareholders

and most importantly employees.

What support does Ekwity provide?

A multi-lateral approach

Diagnostics and Benchmarks:

Analysis of what you need
Analysis of your tax situation and finances

Benchmark models, standards and recommendations

Design and Modelization:

Adaption and implentation of standards

Choice of attribution criterias

Discussion of rights to benefeceries e.g vesting schedule, departures, acceleration.

Communications and Training:

Communication materials
Ekwity workshops and conferences Coordination of plans with your lawyers and partners.

For a tailor made solution,

please contact our team.

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